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Turing HubblePhone with 6 Cameras, 4 Display, 8GB RAM, Two Processor, Features, Specs, Release Date

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Turing HubblePhone with 6 Cameras, 4 Display, 8GB RAM, Two Processor, Features, Specifications, Release Date, Official - https://goo.gl/r9hhfc

The main deck has a display that runs from one side of the phone to the other, covering the cylindrical bulge on its top. In total it measures 11.81 inches and is an AMOLED display of 4K resolution. The upper deck has a display on either side. One is 5.44 inches and the other is 5.41 inches. Both are Full HD AMOLED displays. The main deck and upper deck have separate chipsets. Both get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset each with an octa-core Kryo 385 CPU on each chipset. Naturally, there are two Adreno 630 GPUs as well. Each deck gets 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Storage is expandable up to 512GB on each deck. Both decks get a hybrid dual SIM card slot, but only the main deck gets a 5G NR-capable modem. Both decks will run Turing’s Keplerian OS based on Android P. The main deck’s primary rear camera setup includes dual (12-megapixel + 12-megapixel) sensors with 2x optical zoom and an LED flash. The upper deck copies the exact same setup for its primary camera setup. The secondary camera setup on the upper deck includes a single 12
-a megapixel shooter with 2x optical zoom and an LED flash. The flagship main camera that sits inside the cylindrical top of the main deck is a whopping 60-megapixel sensor with 15x optical zoom and a circular LED flash. All in all, there are six cameras on the HubblePhone. #hubblephone #turinghubblephone #8gb #6cameras #technews#technology #smartphone #mobile

This futuristic piece of technological amalgamation is expected to release in the US in June 2020, and in Europe, China, and the rest of the world eventually that same year. It’s expected to cost a jaw-dropping $2,750 (Rs 1,89,000 approx) when it goes on sale.

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