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Super Antenna MP1DXMAX Portable Ham Radio Antenna Introduction

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This is the Introduction to the Super Antenna MP1DXMAX.
In this video I'll introduce you to the Super Antenna MP1DXMAX, and take you through my first tests using Super Antennas Ultra Portable Antenna toolkit on the 30 & 40 Meter Amateur Radio bands.

The video covers:
- What's included in the kit.
- Setup and configuration.
- Performance testing.
- Pros and Cons.

I've also published test results on my blogs, and recently an Amazon review of the system.
30M WSPR test with the MP1DXMAX http://digitalqrp.oh8stn.org/blog/2017/02/27/30m-wsprlite-run-with-super-antenna-mp1dxmx/

40M WSPR testing of the Super Antenna MP1DXMAX http://oh8stn.org/blog/2017/02/23/wspr-field-testing-the-super-antenna-mp1dxmax/

First Look at the Super Antenna MP1DXMAX and Amazon review http://oh8stn.org/blog/2017/02/06/super-antenna-mp1dxmax-update/

As always thank you very much for watching.

de Julian OH8STN

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