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Setup and Earn From PBN (Hindi/Urdu) (Part 2) | QnA with M Tanveer Nandla | Episode 17

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In this episode of questions and answer session with Tanveer Nandla, we have asked Tanveer Nandla Following Bullet points on "PBN Private/Personal Blog Networks" 2nd Part in Details:

1: Things To Consider While Setup PBN's?
2: Continue Old Content or new Version Of PBN?
3: Business Feel of a PBN Website?
4: Possible variations in Wordpress backend?
5: Factors for a Long Lasting PBN Network?
6: Quantity of External Links On Single Article?
7: Blocking of Robots Is a Good Idea?
8: How to Earn From PBN Websites?
9: If It's Hard For you to create PBN, Solutions?

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