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My Canon M50 Settings For Video | Vlogging Setup

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Today's video is probably my most requested: my Canon M50 vlogging setup!

I've been vlogging on the Canon M50 since July and I LOVE it. The M50 is one of the best vlogging cameras of 2018 and it's the camera I use for nearly all of my YouTube videos.

My M50 setup is fairly simple. The Canon eos M50 is so great for video that you can get great footage straight out of the box, but I've found it worth tweaking a few things for even better video. These are the Canon M50 settings I use for video, vlogging and travel filmmaking.

In this video, I'll run through all the M50 settings I use and adjust for vlogging and making travel videos, including frame rate, colour grading and custom menus. I also take a look at the M50's 4K capabilities and explain why I don't use it much.

The M50 is great for making all kinds of videos. This affordable vlogging camera has pretty much everything you need to make day to day vlogs or cinematic footage.

As always, thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I use the Canon M50 for video and I hope it answers any questions you had about setting up the Canon M50 for vlogging. In my next video, I'll be putting my new M50 lens to the test - see you there! :)


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