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iPerf3 tuning - single instance reaching 87Gbps on a 100Gbps Ethernet NIC

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Can you get better throughput than this with a single instance of iperf3? If so, how? (hardware, OS, settings that are modified from default, etc...)

Me tinkering with iperf3 version 3.1.3 in Linux Mint 19, and attempting to achieve line-rate data transfer, using only one instance of iperf3.

Hardware -
CPU: i7-4790K
NIC: Mellanox ConnectX-4 100Gbps Ethernet NIC

Setup Tweaks include:
Disable C-States
Disable VT-d
Overclock CPU to constantly run at 4.4Ghz
Overclock RAM from 1600Mhz to 2133Mhz

OS -
Enable 9978B Jumbo Frames
Increase Max TCP Window size
Enable Large Receive Offload

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