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How To Open BIOS Settings On Windows (For Different Laptops/PC Models)

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In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating different ways to open up the BIOS settings of your computer depending on the brand and model of computer you’re working with. I will demonstrate this on few laptops, so certainly this doesn’t cover every single computer out there. But I found this collection to be a good sample space to work with. I also showed a simple trick to use if for some reason your computer boots too fast that it doesn’t give you enough time to press the required function key or combination of keys in order to get into your BIOS settings.
Below are the laptops used in this tutorial:
1. Dell Vostro 3550, simply press the power button, and after the initial logo screen, quickly press F2 to get to set-up.
2. HP EliteBook 8460p, press the power button, then press escape key for set up menu. From there press the F10 key to get into BIOS setup.
3. For older Lenovo Thinkpad series, press the ThinkVantage button, after the power button, then follow with F1 to take you to your BIOS setup page.
4. Asus G75V, press the power button and then the escape key, it will shows this list of options, here I will use the down arrow to select the setup option and then hit enter to open it up.
5. Toshiba Satellite, simply press the power button and then follow up with F2 to open up the BIOS settings page.
6. Samsung, power button followed by the F2 key.
I also showed a series of other laptop brands and the possible keys or combination of keys you need to go into your BIOS settings.
- Acer
- Asus
- Dell
- Toshiba
- eMachines
- Fujitsu
- Hp
- Lenovo
- Samsung
For situations where you’re pressing the right key and yet unable to get into your BIOS, the simple trick to get to your BIOS is to press and hold down the required key or the initial key to get into your BIOS and then press the power button while holding it down. Keep holding it down till you get the beep or till you see you BIOS page.

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