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CV Carburetor VS Mikuni flat slide - ep34 - Roma Custom Bike

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In this episode of Roma Custom we will examine the difference between a Keihin CV carburettor and a flat valve carburetor, in my case a Mikuni HSR 42.
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After making a couple of videos on the original Harley Davidson Keihin CV carburetor, I thought I would compare it to a MIKUNI HSR42, often used in transformations on these bikes.

The main difference is that while the former uses a throttle valve and the engine vacuum, the second has the accelerator cable directly connected to a flat valve. So the slide moves in direct relationship with the throttle handle.

During the video, in addition to showing with the help of an animation, the inner workings of both carburetors, we will examine the pros and cons of both the Keihin CV and the Mikuni HSR42.

Made in Rome, Italy we take a look at an European approach to modifying and customizing an Harley Davidson with Custom Cez, an amateur customizer in his home shop.
An RMPnet.com production, music by FAS.

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