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3km FPV Range Test With 15 dBi Panel Antenna And Just 25 mW VTX

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During this range test, I am using:
25 mW VTX at 5.8 GHz (BG said it is 10 mW, but in fact it is 25 mW):

RC305 - 5.8 GHz receiver on channel 5,
Helmet assembly (with DVR in between - little bit increased latency, but...),
All 5 V power supply (Display, receiver and DVR are converted from 12 V to 5 V for easy use of Power Bank 5V a.k.a. phone charger),
Mobius camera as video source (not as much latency as DVR gives me - some half second or so... just enough to fly slowly).

(currently sold out)

(require SMA to RP-SMA adapter)

(for just $1.80 US - helping if there are no other ways...)

Or, eventually this one in the case that you have RX configuration as I have:


Note that this adapters has some insertion loss, but it is better something than nothing - I have no idea when they will restock this excellent antenna with RP SMA connector.

If you have 200 mW transmitter, and as I said, it is 8 times better signal at the same distance, which means instead 8 "noise pixels" - just 1. If you have 600 mW, then it is even better - instead 24 "noise pixels" - just 1. Or, instead long "dahses" of the noise, just small dots - which is much better. So, with 25 mW, usable range is about 1 to 1.5 km (my record is 1.27 km with old bad antenna).
The reason I am forcing all the time vertical polarization instead circular, will be explained in separate video.

BE CAREDUL!!! DO NOT buy this antenna:

The reason is that it is copy or clone of the "real" 14 dBi antenna, but made on bad substrate and has some issues (it has radiating or receiving "double cone"). Just small design error, and this antena is useless.
If you have doubt in adapter, then rather buy this one:

Which is okay antenna, but not as good as above mentioned 15 dBi antenna. Still much, much better than copy or clone - which is the worst one I ever had (and that was my first panel antenna).

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