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হার্ডডিক্স পাওয়ার সমস্যা হলে কিভাবে ঠিক করবেন | how to repair all types hard disk circuit Bangla

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হার্ডডিক্স পাওয়ার সমস্যা হলে কিভাবে ঠিক করবেন | how to repair all types hard disk circuit Bangla

Hard disk repair Videos Link:
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Prepare the boot device
The resulting CD-R or CD-RW disc includes an operating system and is bootable on
the supported ThinkPad models.

The Hard Drive Firmware Update Utility bootable CD does not support
USB Optical Disc Drives, PCMCIA/CardBus Optical Disc Drives, Optical Disc
Drives in a Docking Station bay, or any other drives other than the Optical Disc
Drive in the ThinkPad UltraBay. Other drives will not be updated correctly
by this firmware update utility.

Please confirm that an Optical Disc Drive is in the boot device list of your BIOS setup.
1. Power off the ThinkPad, if it is turned on.
2. Power on the ThinkPad.
3. Press the F1 key to enter the BIOS Setup Utility when the "ThinkPad" logo is
seen on the screen.
4. Choose "Startup" from the menu
5. Choose "Boot" from the menu(*)
6. In "Boot Priority Order", set "ATAPI CD0" to the top of the list, "1".
7. Press F10 to save the new setup.
8. Power off or restart the system.

*Note: Please write down the current boot priority order for restoration
later if you need to modify your boot list.

Installation Guide
After the above sections "Making a CD-R or CD-RW disc to use" and
"Prepare the boot device" have been completed, follow these steps.
Please connect the AC adapter and use a fully charged battery to power the
ThinkPad system during the update. This will avoid an accidental loss of power.

Important Notice: Please REMOVE the hard drive password.
Otherwise, firmware can't be updated with an error message.

Note: Install only one Hard Drive into your ThinkPad.

Attention: Please do not power off the ThinkPad during the firmware update,
or your Hard Drive may NOT be usable anymore.

- The update utility will not find a Hard Drive in a Docking Station
In this case, please remove the drive and install it into a Hard Drive Bay
in your ThinkPad.
If you encounter a problem installing a Hard Drive into your
ThinkPad, please call your local Help Center.
- The utility contains several executable files, but DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS.
Running these programs manually could ruin your drive.
- The Hard Drive Firmware Update Utility does not support a
suspend/hibernation/resume feature of the ThinkPad while the firmware update utility is running. Please do not use Fn-F4 or equivalent functions.

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